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Free Galleys For Reading and Review. I've just added a new site where you can download free reading & review copies (ARCs or Galleys). Visit Galley City in my webplex (over 30 linked websites owned and operated by yours truly). No fuss, no muss, no obligation. No cookies, no cupcakes, not even a free breath mint. Happy reading, and please do be kind and leave a nice review (or else nothing) at Goodreads, Amazon, B&N, and other sites online. Merci beaucoup!

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= Nonfiction by John T. Cullen =

Virginal Huntress-Warrior: Her Undying Ice Age Cult (nonfiction article)

Other Provocative, Informative, and Well-Reasoned Nonfiction soon: NONFICTION GALLEY CITY (new; website in work) with frequent releases of exciting, fascinating articles about topics in history, politics, religion, business, and other topics from a progressive viewpoint .

 • All Works Listed are Kindle E-books Only • 

= Selected Short Fiction by John Argo =

Night Shots Series Suspense

Broken Wing
The Hill Club
Being & Becoming
Foto Finish

Ghosts and the City ~ Fantasy

Ghosts and the City #1
Ghosts and the City #2
The Hair Ribbon, a Halloween Incident

Strange Doors Anthology (Weird Tales/Science Horror/DarkSF)

City of Mirrors
Control Game
The Marks on the Roads
Syndicate Motel
Taxi M'Koo & the Helium Drive
The Firemen's Dance
The Neighbors Are Different
Up Late, the Argo 8 (Anthology)

Direct Links to Galley City

Susie Susie is a tough read
Three Tales of Parallelocation
Sad Lady Lake
Weola, Kansas

Uptime Jazz, Four by Argo (Empire of Time)

Uptime Jazz, Four by Argo (Anthology)


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