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nonfiction by John T. Cullen

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1892 Gaslamp Era True Crime National Scandal Why did the Beautiful Stranger Die so Violently?

Clocktower Books, a San Diego Small Press, pioneering in online and e-book publishing, has released titles since 1996. Visit Galley City (mainstream fiction) or Galley City Nonfiction. John T. Cullen has authored over 40 novels plus poetry and shorts. His nonfiction spans History, Science, and many other topics of pressing interest: he knows how to pick them (a growing collection of fascinating articles by a free thinker & diligent researcher).

True Crime 1892 Gaslamp Era Mystery Thanksgiving Day 24 November 1892, the Beautiful Stranger checked into the luxury resort Hotel del Coronado under false I.D. and never checked out alive. She died of a gunshot to the head during a great sea storm. Her case became a national sensation and enduring ghost legend. Enigma solved at last: 2 books in one: Dead Move (nonfiction, scholarly analysis); Lethal Journey (fictional dramatization based on the analysis): Coronado Mystery.


Clocktower Books 1996 history's first real e-books online


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teenage poet - over 425 poems and one novel read free at Galley City link at Summer Planets


The Bells of Notre Dame (2017)

Romantic Affaire in Paris: A Young Poet and His Angel in the City of Light

Based on the novel On Saint Ronan Street (1976) Written by a young U.S. soldier in Cold War Germany.

From New England to Paris: This Paris love story is based on a nostalgic story written forty years earlier by nights by a young U.S. soldier stationed in Cold War Germany, far from home and lonely for a lost world. In 2017, on a whim, it morphed into a Paris-based novel (also of a romantic affair or affaire) between a starving young poet and a beautiful, lonely faculty wife.

The Bells of Notre Dame is a 2017 novel that became suddenly so timely and relevant after the 15 April 2019 fire. It's a love story set in Paris, with an unforeseeable ending that will knock you out of your socks. The Bells of Notre Dame tells the story of a young Poet and his Angel in the City of Light. Marc and Emma are both Parisian, but from opposite sides of the Métro tracks.

Marc is a young poet struggling at odd jobs (bar tending, taxi driving, etc.) while submitting his passionate, talented creations to various magazines around France. He's mowing lawns around a Sorbonne campus in the Latin Quarter when he encounters the beautiful Emma, a lonely young faculty wife whose husband is Absent Without Emotional Leave (AWEL) and screwing around while digging for bones in distant Australia.

Marc and Emma fall in love—timelessly, in the moment, without heed to what tomorrow may unload on each. Their adventures take them bar-hopping in the Marais, love-making in Versailles, snowball fighting on a lake in Créteil, and visiting with friends around Paris. Unlike the 1976 story, which actually had a French-seeming Umbrellas of Cherbourg denouement, this version picks up the beat where the older novel throws the drumsticks away. And there's more!

Terrible Fire of 2019. The author had remade his 1976 novel in 2017 but in April 2019, shocked and saddened by the fire that engulfed the great cathedral on the Île de Paris in the heart of Paris, he retitled his 2017 novel (which had been Paris Affaire: A Young Poet and His Angel in the City of Light because of its relevance to the cathedral. By amazing coincidence, the heart and soul of the novel takes us to the central milestone marker of France, on the parvis directly in front of Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, as the story rocks with the lovers and the great bells. You will not see the ending coming: guaranteed!


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