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Understanding Jean-Thomas Cullen's Webplex

Don't worry—it's easy.

My Webplex: Seven Linked Sites Working As One. Each website in my webplex (group of linked sites acting as one) has its own index page. Note at bottom explains what's a webplex?. At the top of each linked site's index page is a Clocktower Books logo with a white tower image at left and a lantern at right. Above that logo is a thin navigation strip by which you can click your way across all seven sites in the webplex. This is over twenty years' work, so there's lots of stuff.

Color Code for Thin Navigation Strip Across Top. Each of these seven main sites in my webplex (group of linked sites) has a slim navigation bar across the top of the first page on that site. Of the seven links or labels to click for navigation, the active label for any landing site is yellow. The others are grayed out, except that the main hub (John T. Cullen) is shown in dark blue as a helpful reference anchor at the left.

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Main Hub of my Webplex. It's the first (left, and main) link in the strip across the top of each main website. All seven main websites are accessible from that top strip. I use the name John T. Cullen in the U.S., but my birth name (European) is Jean-Thomas Cullen. I also write DarkSF and other Speculative Fiction as John Argo. My personal bookshop Café Okay is as up to date as possible.

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Online Shopping Mall. I've been online working and having a great time since the late 1990s. In particular, I've been an affiliate of Amazon and other retailers for many years. The urge comes & goes. Right now I'm having fun posting a huge online mall that's a cross (in my mind) between San Diego's great Fashion Valley mall, and the Parisian galeries or passages, and the grand Milan Galeria Vittorio Emanuele.

At 7200 ft in Whistler, BC around 2005 - click for footnote at bottom of this page

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All Books, Gifts, and Things Parisian. My association with Paris goes back about a century, actually. My grandparents from Luxembourg had their honeymoon there in 1922. I've been there often over a long period of time, since I have spent many years living and working in several European countries. My initial impetus was to create a home base for books about Paris for the English-speaking markets. I'm gradually adding other fun features. Ideally, in time I'd like to do great cities like Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Vienna, Rome, and more. I think Paris will have to do for now.

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Reading Room: Fiction and Nonfiction. I'll be adding a wealth of material over time. I expect this (middle) label will have the most activity as I continue to post under a number of categories including Holocene Mysteries, Holocene Histories, General Articles, and a few fun fictional bits. I couldn't get the domain Reading Room, but I had read-a-latte (yes, 'read a lot') whose play on words means 'for the price of a cup of coffee you will find endless reading joy here.' Some of the stuff will be free, as well."

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My Personal Bookshop. I've published over forty books under various pseudonyms (mainly John T. Cullen, John Argo, and my birth name Jean-Thomas Cullen). Paris Bookshop already carries over 100 authors with more being added all the time. Reading Room and Café Okay are intended to showcase my own work (books, novels, articles, short stories, etc). This bookshop will be more static, whereas The Reading Room will be constantly updated on a dynamic basis. All in work—thanks for your patience.

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Pioneering Online Publisher. We went online in early 1996 with some of the world's first true e-books. By definition this includes the criteria (a) proprietary, thus not public domain; (b) complete works including novels, not teasers or samples; (c) read online in HTML, not on portable media like disks, tapes, and the like; and more. We also provided a quick download as text (TXT) for readers around the world who were thrilled by this fresh new publishing method and could not wait to read each weekly installment (released on Sunday afternoons in San Diego). This is before e-commerce, so it was for the pure joy of it. We had fans around the world on every continent. It was quickly drowned out as e-commerce and millions of writers came online. We've been all but forgotten, but we were there at the genesis of this new industry, leaving footprints however briefly in freshly fallen snow.

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Online since 1996 As sole proprietor of Clocktower Books since about 2001, I'm overwhelmed with my own writing tasks, plus the joy of maintaining all these web projects. I'm not complaining. I just found a stack of reader fan mail from around the world, compiled in 1997, that I will post at the Museum site shortly.

back to topWhat's a Webplex? I've been working on the Internet for nearly a quarter century at this point. One of my long-ago ideas was to have the best of both worlds by using multiple websites linked together and functioning as one. That way, each site is purposefully defined, and stuff isn't buried deeply under many layers of folders. It's a theory. Let's see how well it works. Back to top…

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