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The Reading Room (Nonfiction)

Author: John T. Cullen

RR00: Dead Move: Kate Morgan & the Haunting Mystery of Coronado (1892 true crime)3rd E. 2-in-1, includes Lethal Journey historical thriller (novel) as dramatization of true story

RR01: Our Next Ice Age: Tomorrow

RR02: Holocene Mysteries

RR04: Ancient Rome: Regionary Catalog Mysteries*

RR07: Crisis in Cosmology*

RR08: Last Day of the Byzantine Empire (1453)*

RR09: The God Page (Surprising Continuum)

RR10: The Paris Gun of 1918 (fired nearly 100 km)

RR11: Ancient Sator Arepo Inscription - Enigma Solved*

RR13: Holy Roman Empire (real 1,000 year Reich)*

RR15: Virginal Huntress/Female Warrior - Paleolithic to Marianne of the barricades

Note: Asterisk(*) denotes articles or book not yet available (pending scholarly peer review). Note: More articles coming.