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About This Bookshop

Welcome to the Branch. My main bookstore is Café Okay, where you can read about my fifty or so books to date, and find links to for each book's e-book and p-book pages. At the John T. Cullen website (here), I have opened a branch bookstore that mostly duplicates the info at the main store.

Specialty Bookstores. I maintain several series-specific bookstores, including for Empire of Time (High SciFi), DarkSF ("the Dark Chocolate of Science Fiction"), and On Thriller Street. More info about those soon.

Autumn Planet In 2017, I created a fun, atmospheric website to celebrate the October Mood. I love October (echoes of Ray Bradbury's immortal October Country). In 2018, I added a specialty bookstore, plus I expanded the October site to encompass the entire season. Hence, Autumn Planet. It now has its own specialty bookstore as well. More info soon.


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