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= John Argo: DarkSF Series =

Your Favorite Board Game. Imagine if you could shrink down to microscopic size and become a pedestrian walking on a mysterious, drizzly, exciting street far down on (oh, let's say) a Monopoly board. That's unthinkably cool, right? Now imagine if your own world is threatened with doom, and the tiny game world is your only hope. That increases the tension and suspense to thriller levels—welcome to Monopol City. The adventure is just beginning. Click the round image at bottom for a guided tour on a separate, dedicated Monopol City website.

Science Horror or SH by John Argo in the DarkSF seriesMonopol City. DarkSF adventure among pocket universes—can Tedda's world be saved? Read this strange and wonderful story of imagination so fresh it's never been done before—recalls the Sense of Wonder of lost 1930s comic books from the Golden Age of Science Fiction. More info soon. Site under development.

Original novel written by John Argo in 2004. Copyright © 2005 by John Argo. All Rights Reserved. Clocktower Books first edition 2005.

= Special Stand-Alone Website: Monopol City =

Guided Tour of this Amazing DarkSF Tour de Force. Click here for a guided tour through the worlds of Monopol City.


Monopol City - original DarkSF novel by John Argo

Amazon Kindle e-book Edition Monopol City (DarkSF)

Amazon Quality Paperback Edition (6x9") Monopol City (DarkSF)

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