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Early HTML Novels c. 1996-2000 In Order

NOTES: I have a complete FICTION section on this website, listing all my titles; but the information here also counts as NONFICTION ('about'). Each of my novels has a long backstory, given that I have been an avid reader and Speculative Fiction (SF) fan since childhood, hold among my several university degrees (BA, BBA, MSBA Boston University) a B.A. in English, Classics, Comparative Lit, and Languages from Univ of Connecticut, and have been a publisher and editor in the SFFH field for decades as of this writing in 2021. I have enjoyed personal praise from & contact with notable literati including Andre Norton, Ray Bradbury, Terry Carr, and Joe Haldeman among others. Pardon the small print—trying to cram a lot in here. JTC

1. Neon Blue, or: Girl, Unlocked (April/May 1996 Neon Blue Fiction) We Made History: World's First HTML Novel online early 1996. Pioneering works in early digital/e-book publishing. Criteria for that claim are listed at this page (click for *Neon Blue* page).

2. Pioneers (Summer 1996 The Haunted Village) NOTE: New title *Blue Princess: The Storybook Festival* same novel in a new edition released c.2020. We Made History: World's First SFFH HTML Novel online early 1996. Pioneering works in early digital/e-book publishing. Criteria for that claim are listed at the *Neon Blue* page (see above).

3. This Shoal of Space (Fall 1996 The Haunted Village) Written & released 1990s. This is an early Virtual Reality (VR) novel a decade before *The Matrix*. See Wikipedia: Virtual Reality in Fiction and Film. Based on my experience in the computer systems development world, as well as Ray Bradbury's 1950 short story *The Veldt*. Other influences included but not limited to Jorge Luis Borges' short stories (e.g., 1940 *The Circular Ruins*), the 1982 movie *TRON*, and others. My 2003 DarkSF SF Novel *Nebula Express* fits in the VR subgenre. Alternate editions/titles (same novel) include: *Woman In The Sea*, *Starlight Deep Within A Gothic Sea*, et al.

4. CON2: The Generals of October (1997 CTF) NOTE: New title *CON2: Washington Under Siege* same novel in a new edition released immediately after the attempted coup on 6 January 2021 at the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. This novel, originally written and published in the 1990s, clearly shows why a Second Constitutional Convention, based on Article V in the U.S. Constitution, must never happen. It is a ticking time bomb setting the stage for a real overthrow of the U.S. Government. The novel is a serious political analysis under cover of a suspenseful, romantic thriller. Primary models included *Seven Days in May*, *The Parallax View*, *Three Days of the Condor*, and *The Manchurian Candidate* among others. More timely and apropos after 6 Jan 2021 than ever before. Ignore at your peril.

5. Terror in my Arms (1998 Clocktower Fiction CTF) ADDED: Got a nice review from *Best Thrillers* among others. This short, suspenseful novel reflects my love of 1980s/90s noir suspense films. As with other novels of mine like 2016 *YANANPOP* (influenced by dark comedies like Martin Scorsese's film *After Hours*) you want to "see the movie in my head" as numerous appreciative readers have said. Novels like these would work super well as action movies.

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click to visit the first ebook site AUTHOR'S NOTE: Visit Galley City's Classics Page to read half free/try-buy most of my novels. The Classics page features most of the 1990s first HTML novels I published on Neon Blue Fiction or The Haunted Village (see Clocktower Books Museum pages for more info).


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Other Fiction. C&C (Cullen and Callahan) Publishers released a number of mostly SF shorter works by John Argo (John T. Cullen) starting 1997 or 1998 including stories like Taxi M'Koo and the Helium Drive and Harps. This is all before e-commerce, so we were publishing for free (promotionally). We were the only game in town for a while, and had a fervent audience of readers around the world on all major continents. I still have a lot of the fan mail. More info soon. JTC

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