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Tangled Webs Consolidating my webplex in 2022, I am elmininating many websites and combining into the remaining one(s) that which I think was well-made over the years. For example, Caffeine Books and Café Okay were previously separate websites for different, innovative ways of presenting my work to readers. For economy and efficiency, I'm combining storefronts so to speak, but retaining a few ideas I am fond of.

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World's First True HTML Novels (1996) See: HTML Novels

Special Topic: Why John Argo?

Constellation Argo Navis - see Wikipedia & Wikimedia; also read their article on Jason and the Argonauts, with ancient mythological and modern film/TV references - a story that will never fade away! *** Ancient Bronze Age Ship ArgoSense of Wonder! See: Pseudonyms My SF/Suspense Genre pseudonym John Argo involves a fascinating story. Argo was a mythological Bronze Age ship of wonder whose famous story archetypes are still being told, made into movies and TV series in our own age; and Argo Navis (Ship Argo) is/was the largest heavenly constellation of stars named by ancient astronomers. As we launched our exciting new Web publishing and pioneering adventure in 1996, I thought that the ancient sense of wonder from Jason and the Argonauts (literally, 'Argo-Sailors') applied well to the space age and the Internet Age. More on that soon—now you know why I chose Argo as my cognomen

Pioneering Early Internet Sense of Wonder! See: Pseudonyms

under construction - more info soon FAQs & Topics John T. Cullen touring the world (somewhere: Eiffel Tower? Empire State Bldg? Who knows. All in good fun). I'm consolidating many years of work and separate websites into a smaller webplex. John T Cullen COM is my main anchor website. More info soon. Heavy construction in progress.

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