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Back to Main; John T. Cullen in San Diego Harbor late one summer afternoon Over the years, I had some poetry published in U.S. and Canadian literary magazines, and I garnered some nice praise for both my poetry, fiction, and nonfiction from various sources. For example, in January 2008 I was pleasantly surprised to receive in the mail a personal rave fan mail from Ray Bradbury praising my Dark Fantasy novel The Christmas Clock. That is my own fresh, original homage to Charles Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol, with quite a bit of Ray Bradbury's dark and delicious fantasy in it as well. With the advent of digital and Internet publishing, I was free to publish all 425+ of my teen/twenties poems (twenty years, a virtual career in itself). I am gathering some of that praise and support at a new fiction website Caffeine Books. Readers can also read half of nearly all my 40+ novels at companion site Galley City

Let My Work Speak For Itself. In the end, the best I can do is make my work available in hope that a few discerning souls will find it, read it, enjoy it, and hopefully tell their equally perceptive friends. At the same time, ignoremus pervulgates, which is the closest I can come in Latin to saying "Let's just ignore all the trolls." Thank you!

More info at various websites across my webplex*, including click the Clocktower Books Museum Site.

*NOTE: As you will find, I have a webplex of more than two dozen linked websites, anchored at John T. Cullen (dot com). I've been not only a prolific writer (and continue to be), but love building websites (as I have over a quarter century now). I was, among other things, the first person to ever publish an HTML novel online, and pioneered with a team of fellow authors and web-savvy friends in early Internet publishing. Still having a glorious time!


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