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About This Website

Welcome. New/old site, heavily under renovation and development. Thanks for your patience—please come back soon for more info.>

Quick Intro 2021. Hi, I'm John T. Cullen, a San Diego California author with roots all over North America and Europe. I've written over fifty books, including about forty novels and ten nonfiction books, plus articles and short stories. I have recently also published over 400 of my teenage/YA poems, some of which were published in literary magazines long ago. It's all available for purchase at Amazon currently, but note: I have been publishing online since 1996 (world's first HTML novels, including SF and suspense; e.g., *Neon Blue or Girl, Unlocked*). One of the innovations I used from the earliest days was to offer readers generous amounts of free reading, on the theory that if you read half and like it, you'll want to read the whole book. See next (Galley City).

Galley City: Read Free Over 1 Million Words. I call it the bookstore metaphor: sit and read all you want, but pay if you want to take the book home. It's also the Read-a-Latte theme, or Read Half Free/Try-Buy. Over a million words of my fiction, nonfiction, and poetry are available free at my Galley City COM website. More on that and much else shortly.

Reorganization/Renovation. Over the years I have had a lot of fun creating websites online. I loved model train sets as a child. As an adult, I have enjoyed building and hooking together a whole webplex of thematically joined sites. Starting in 2021, I'm leaving all that out there, but I'm consolidating a lot of that effort in this site, which has been my main anchor site (john t cullen COM) since the late 1990s. I use Simple HTML and have learned a lot about layout and navigation, so I'm confident you the reader will enjoy cruising around this website…or feel free to explore the larger webplex (as I call my linked websites) top-down starting with the San Diego Writer COM website (link not provided here, because I'd like you to stay on this main anchor site with me for now).

Author Names. My European birth name is Jean Thomas Cullen, which I have used on a few of my books. Mostly I use the Anglicized name John T. Cullen that gets me by with lots fewer questions and puzzled looks in North America outside Quebec Province of Canada (I travel a lot, while based in wonderful, sunny San Diego about which I love to set some of my fiction). After a childhood in Europe, I grew up by the beaches of New England, so I am no stranger to seashells and fresh breezes and rosy skies.

Who Is John Argo? My third major author (pseudo)nym is John Argo, which has a very special story behind it that I relate on these webpages: a blend of Sense of Wonder in both modern literature (includiung poetry, romantic fiction, and SFFH) and the Bronze Age (think movie *2001* early Space Age) inspired by our modern Space/Computer age. In those Bronze Age myths from over 3,000 years ago, Jason and the Argonauts set sail on a primordial version of deep space (the Pontic, Caspian, Aegean, and related Seas) in search of adventure, romance, and wonder. The term Argonauts literally means *Argo Sailors* in reference to their ship, the Argo, captained by Bronze Age hero Iason, who was already ancient history by the time of Classical Greece beginning with the mysterious Homer in the 8th Century BCE. And by the way, in case you think that's old hat, consider that those legends are still kept powerfully alive in today's age. Think of the classic movie Jason and the Argonauts (1963) that was a global hit. The film starred among others Honor Blackman (the future Pussy Galore in *Goldfinger* with James Bond). It inspired many modern animation and movie lords including Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, James Cameron, Guillermo del Toro, and George Lucas to name just a few of the giant shapers of our own modern mythologies (*Star Wars* included). When I saw the enormous potential of the new Internet (World Wide Web) digital and online publishing technologies in the mid-1990s, I was so moved that I adopted the Argo pseudonym for most of my Speculative Fiction (SFFH) and some Suspense works. More on all this in separate pages soon…

Three Main Branches for This Site. Starting top down at the index page, I've laid out three main paths: Nonfiction, Fiction, and Poetry. I will continue adding new material in the Nonfiction and Fiction trails. As a poet, I reached the end of the road long ago at age 27, classic burn-out year of rock stars and lyric poets (according to one of my Literature professors in college when I was about 19). I saw the poetic end coming, and switched my focus to a rich form of poetic fiction in a few later novels and short stories. I have a strong professional background in journalism and academic essay writing, which will show up on the Nonfiction side. For Fiction readers: I've been a lifelong SFFH and Suspense fan but note: as it turns out, every one of my novels except one (inadvertently) follows RWA guidance in that I always have a strong male and strong female lead who solve both the plot problem and their love problems and end up with blissful HEA (Happy Ever After) at the ending. The only exception is *Lethal Journey*, my 1892 noir historical thriller which is closely based on the tragic, mysterious death of the Beautiful Stranger (Lizzie Wyllie, not Kate Morgan) at the Hotel del Coronado near San Diego in November 1892, resulting in a famous ghost legend that lives on today. The nonfiction companion is *Dead Move*, my scholarly investigation using both true history and the hotel's official Heritage Department book *Beautiful Stranger*. We'll dig into all that and more as I develop this website and its rich content ongoing and into the near future. Enjoy! [JTC]].

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