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= The Christmas Clock =

A Dark Holiday Fantasy by John T. Cullen

Jan 2008 Ray Bradbury sent a personal rave to JTC Praising this novel

The Christmas Clock Dark Holiday Fantasy in homage to Charles Dickens' 1843 archetypal classic *A Christmas Carol*.

I've been a fan of Ray Bradbury's often dark but just as often warm or humorous fantasy fiction most of my life. Think for example *The Golden Apples of the Sun* illustrated by Joe Mugnaini. Think *The October Country*…having grown up in New England, I still get chills just from the title of that anthology, before we even read the stories. Then there's *The Illustrated Man*, *The Martian Chronicles*, and more. My dark holiday fantasy *The Christmas Clock*, written about 2003, is almost as much an homage to the spirit and imagination of Ray Bradbury as it is to that crochety old Ebenezer Scrooge (ghost) waking to see the ghost of Jacob Marley rattling his chains in the night. More at Wikipedia.

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