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= Mona Lisa, Moon Goddess =

A Ghost Fantasy of Historical Inquiry

by John T. Cullen

Mona Lisa, Moon Goddess: Leonardo Da Vinci's Dangerous Dream. It's a novel on several levels. On one level, it is a story with personal shadowings, since I was a young soldier with the U.S. Army serving in Cold War West Germany who traveled much, including places like Heidelberg and Paris. On another level, it is a fantasy novel about a tragedy that unfolds across several parallel realities: one in which the young soldier's infant daughter dies at six months old in a German hospital where the doctors have done all they could for her, to no avail. In her dying moment, the tiny girl appears to her shaken, grieving father as a fleeting phantom, a fully grown woman in another reality whom she became, reassuring him that all would work out for the best. When he dies, he is given a second life in a parallel world set in Paris, France. Long story, read the book. His true love in life, a French girl/grad student at the Sorbonne and Louvre, has unearthed documents proving a radically new theory of why Leonardo da Vinci in the early 1500s in France painted the Mona Lisa obsessively (for a second time, unpaid, and he spent years on the project). The deceased soldier's two grown children, both U.S. citizens living and working in Europe (his daughter in Paris, his son in Germany) are drawn to Paris to explore the lost secrets of Leonardo da Vinci and his portrait of the Moon Goddess, which could have gotten him burned at the stake for heresy back then. More info soon.


Luxembourg, European Union, United States

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