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= Robinson Crusoe 1,000,000 A.D. =

A Science Fiction Novel by John Argo (John T. Cullen)

Robinson Crusoe 1,000,000 A.D. SF Novel SF Novel by John Argo (John T. Cullen) Clocktower Books. Inspired especially by Daniel Defoe's 1719 archetypal classic *Robinson Crusoe* and an endless series of so-called Robinsonades or shipwreck survivor stories ranging from the novel *Swiss Family Robinson* to the 1964 cult classic SF movie *Robinson Crusoe on Mars*. More info soon.

Robinson Crusoe 1,000,000 A.D. (SF) in the spirit of Daniel Defoe's 1719 archetypal classic *Robinson Crusoe* and its many reinterpretations (Robinsonades, as the genre was dubbed already in the 1700s) including the cult classic 1964 SF movie *Robinson Crusoe on Mars.* My novel received a very favorable review in 2003 from Library Journal, but has been the most trolled of my novels by those who never read Defoe's original and seem to believe that Defoe's novel was all along some sort of Walt Disney fuzzy-bunnies cartoon for children (far from true, as explained by Lit Prof Dr. Swingle in the Intro to the Barnes & Noble Classics Edition of the *real* 1719 original by Daniel Defoe). More info soon.


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