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Welcome. I find it exhilarating to remember why and how I chose the pseudonym John Argo in 1996 as Brian Callahan and I (C&C Publishers) were about to launch our first online digital publishing ventures. Read all about *Neon Blue Fiction* (Suspense) and *The Haunted Village* (SFFH) at the Clocktower Books Museum. More info soon.

Base Notes: With only one exception, every one of my novels is actually a romantic thriller at a high level. Like RWA formula, my novels involve a strong male lead and a strong female lead who fall in love parallel to a suspense and/or SF plot. At the end, they resolve the central plot issues and end with Happy Ever After (HEA). Unlike RWA formula (although this is changing to some degree) the love story is not bigger than the suspense material, but always at least as central and important to the story.

The exception to this rule is my noir 1892 period thriller *Lethal Journey* based on the true crime at the Hotel Del Coronado near San Diego, California in which a mysterious young beauty remembered as *The Beautiful Stranger* died a mysterious, violent, and tragic death. She is remembered in the world-famous ghost legend at the Hotel Del. *Lethal Journey* is closely based on my nonfiction research in *Dead Move: Kate Morgan and the Haunting Mystery of Coronado*.

The List Goes On… I don't dream these things up in a vacuum. All of it is networked and hooked together in my creative cloud based on a lifetime of reading, of film watching, and of exploring new worlds with my writing. So far, I've written over fifty (50) books plus short stories and poetry. That opens a thousand doors to sources of inspiration based on a universe of reading, film watching, and thinking/emo/writing.

In addition, I hold dual U.S./European citizenships, speak several languages, have lived and worked in both Europe and North America (both coasts), and have traveled extensively. My love of History and Classics has offered me yet another scope and source of inspiration. I was stationed for five years with USAREUR in West Germany during the Cold War, which is a source of wonder now that it's all far away and long ago in another universe, it seems…another theme I'll probably explore in my fiction if time permits. There have been hardships in all that, to be sure, but it's been an adventure overall. More info soon.

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