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Ukraine 2022 Situation Report

"Show This To Putin"

Dying Child

six year old daughter killed by Putin's assault. # Photo by Evgeniy Maloletka at CNN

Tragedy. This news story says it all as it captures one tiny tragedy in the massive holocaust of Vladimir Putin's sociopathic terror and crimes. 6 Year Old Ukrainian Girl Murdered by Putin (CNN 02/28/2022) As Ukrainian medic tries to save the dying child, her blood-covered father sits grieving at lower left. Her mother also covered in blood and crying stands outside the ambulance. Crimes against humanity! We need a new Nürnberg War Crimes Trial for Putin. The little girl died in an emergency room after doctors, nurses, and staff in tears had done everything they desperately could to save her life.

Emergency Room Doctor said: "Show This To Putin"

Better Yet: Show the image & story to the Russian people. When their sons come home by the thousands in a box, they will ask again: why is Putin doing this to us? Not just to the innocent Ukrainian people, but also to the people of Russia who have been victims of Stalinist tyrants for too long. Overthrow Putin as soon as possible. Bring back the spirit of Alexander Kerensky (1917) and the possibilities for a real, modern democracy in Russia. Flush the toilet on totalitarian lies and propaganda forever all around the world (lots). That includes Putin's go-to boys Donald Dump and Moscow Mitch in USA.

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