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Holidays Season - Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan01 - time to celebrate together - stay sober, drive safely


New: Holidays. From a previous subplex of five linked websites, I have created one subfolder complex on this website. Works faster, smoother, better. Check it out, starting with the Holiday Bower or Portal . Walk through the months starting after Labor Day (U.S. holiday) in the first week of September, as the seasons start changing from Summer to Autumn:

  • October (October Mood);
  • November (Autumn Planet);
  • December (Christmas Novel);
  • January (New Year's Eve) celebrate wild adventure: YANAPOP;
  • Holiday Bookshop featuring a few holiday reads by me;

click to start walking through the seasons as September rolls into October

Peace and Contemplation: Alcazar Gardens in San Diego's Balboa Park is one of my favorite local spots to relax with sunshine, balmy breezes under gently swaying trees, and contemplate my next writing project. It's like this most days of the year in San Diego. I appreciate that beyond description, because I spent my childhood in too often rainy northern Europe, and my adolescence/early 20s amid the powerful seasons of New England USA.

Every September, start enjoying the Autumn holidays, followed by Winter and Christmas, and New Year's Eve SONDJ


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