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Welcome to my Holiday Bookshop

The Christmas Clock

Ray Bradbury raved about it! Homage to Dickens' *A Christmas Carol*

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Shorter Works

Ghosts and the City #1
Ghosts and the City #2
The Hair Ribbon, a Halloween Incident
City of Mirrors

Some of the next are also available in the anthology Up Late, the Argo 8.

Control Game
The Marks on the Roads
Syndicate Motel
Taxi M'Koo & the Helium Drive
The Firemen's Dance
The Neighbors Are Different


Up Late, the Argo 8 (Anthology)

DarkSF Novels

The Christmas Clock
Nebula Express
Doom Spore San Diego
Meta4City (Monopol City)
Robinson Crusoe 1,000,000 A.D.
This Shoal of Space

What Is DarkSF? DarkSF is the dark chocolate, the best, of SFFH. It is not about juvenile, shallow splatter, violence, gore, or horror. It's about the finest of the fine art in fiction by (e.g. of many) Ray Bradbury and J. L. Borges, or Ridley Scott's great movies Alien and Blade Runner. Of this list, YANAPOP and The Christmas Clock are Fantasy, while the rest are SF.

Café Okay

Moved To Galley City. All the books and stories here have moved to my main reading site Galley City. You can read over a million words free at Galley City: no obligation, no tracking, no cookies, not even a breath mind. It's the Bookstore Metaphor: read half free/try-buy. If you like it, you can buy the e-book for the price of a cup of coffee (Read-a-Latte). Print editions about the price of a sandwich. Best deal in town.


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