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WEBPLEX Over the past quarter century, since 1996 first light (hello world first HTML novels at Neon Blue Fiction and The Haunted Village SFFH websites) I have been building what I call a webplex. That means a group of thematically cohesive websites with a linked flow as if they were one big site. I'll explain the rationale soon. Meanwhile, as I bring all those websites and their contents home to my main (anchor) John T. Cullen or JTC sites here, readers can explore what I have built over the past few decades.

Model Trains. When I was a child, one of my favorite activities was playing with model trains. I loved building them, and I've been a fan of model railroading all my life. When the Internet or Web came to life for me in 1996, I began building and stringing together what we might call model websites. It is almost as much fun as writing novels and in fact, aside from walking 5+ miles a day, it's a great way to escape from the exhausting task of research and writing, oh yeah, and rewriting!

Ride the Metro Not long ago, reflecting on my adventures in various big cities across North America and Europe, I reorganized my webplex into three logical sections. I was particularly inspired (loosely) by the Metro in Paris, where I used to visit for an adventuresome weekend as a young man stationed with the U.S. Army in West Germany. I created three Metro lines (Blue, White, Red) corresponding to mythic New City, Old City, and Faubourg. The latter is an older French term for suburb (more likely banlieue these days).

Metro Lines. The New City (Blue Line) contains some of my more recent creations. Caffeine Books is a quick overview of my writing life, flowing into Galley City, where you can read half of most books free on a try-buy basis (the Bookstore Metphor, I call it). The Old City (White Line) contains my oldest websites including John T. Cullen, Clocktoer Books, and the Clocktower Books Museum with its half dozen or more ancient sites. Finally, the Suburbs (Faubourg, Red Line) contains the Reading Room, which is its own subplex leading you to many reading adventures, mainly of my books.

Top Eight. You'll see a ribbon of links across the tops of each of the main sites in my webplex, more or less left to right starting with the JTC subplex at left. That's John T. Cullen COM, NET, ORG. I'll guide you now to understanding the main webplex.

Subplexes There are a few subplexes within it, like the trio of Dead Move, Lethal Journey, and Coronado Mystery for example. DM is my scholarly historical analysis of the 1892 true crime and famous ghost legend at the Hotel Del Coronado near San Diego. LJ is a noir period novel I wrote, based on both my analysis and highlights of the legends surrounding the famous hotel. CM is a duet, meaning an anthology that contains both of the aforementioned books.

More Info Soon. Site is under development. Thanks for your patience.

Top Eight Sites

On my eight main index pages, you'll find a ribbon of eight site links across the top from left to right:

John T. Cullen (main author subplex)

My Fiction: Caffeine Books

My Nonfiction: Galley City News Reading Room

My Poetry: Teenage Poet

Read A Million Free: Galley City

Imprint: Clocktower Books

Museum of Clocktower Books

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