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under construction - more info soon John T. Cullen Webplex: Welcome. I have been building websites since the late 1990s, when I joined the early pioneers of digital (Internet and e-book) publishing. As a child, one of my favorite activities was building model train sets. I have to laugh, looking at my complex ('webplex') of linked websites today, how much those two fun activities resemble each other. Actually, these linked websites support my real life's artistic passion, which is writing. I was a professional writer at 17 (summer intern college student newspaper reporter on a New England metro daily); a published poet by 18; and the author of my first complete novel at 19. That novel (Summer Planets SF) is available today from Clocktower Books, my San Diego-based small press imprint (Bowker ISBN prefix 0-7433) evolved since 1996 in print and e-book lines.

Top Sites. At right, please find links to my Top 8 websites. The same sites are linked at the top of this page on the ribbon starting at left with MAIN • JOHN T. CULLEN.

FIFTY+ BOOKS. Starting with Caffeine Books, learn some of my writing and publishing history over the past half century or more. Most of my work is available in print and e-book editions via Clocktower Books, at Amazon and Barnes&Noble. Read much of it free (see Galley City at right).

ancient mystery palindrome deciphered at last by John T. Cullen

a new Theory of Everything - accelerating expansion due to gravitation of larger surrounding motherverse, and more!

solved at last: notorious 1892 true crime at the Hotel Del Coronado near San Diego, and resulting famous ghost legend

new theory about why Leonardo Da Vinci obsessively kept working without pay on the Mona Lisa, world's most famous painting


JOHN T. CULLEN COM. My main, personal anchor page (you are here). I've built my city metro lines metaphor on the San Diego Author web page as overall map. Toggle older version (San Diego Writer).

MY FICTION (Caffeine Books). Follow the flow of my writing history including reviews and other info. Most books have a link to Galley City where you can enjoy over a million words of free reading.

MY NONFICTION (Galley City News) I've tried to build in an echo of my background as a journalist, plus an informed author with three college degrees (BA English Univ. of Conn.; MSBA Boston University; BBA Computer Info Systems, National University). As I promise on page one of this site, my work is all rational and scientific. No occult, no magic, no conspiracies, nothing political or ghostly or otherwise risible. I'm only interested in objective, honest, logical, historical truth. Call it Objective Journalism, with forays in to informal essay.

MY POETRY (Teenage Poet) I began writing poetry at age 7, as a child in Europe (born U.S. citizen, U.S. Army brat; mother European). We moved to Connecticut when I was 10, where I continued writing hundreds of poems, of which a few were published. As a soldier stationed in Cold War Europe during my 20s, I continued writing poetry until about age 27.

READ OVER A MILLION WORDS FREE (GALLEY CITY) At Galley City, I offer the Bookstore Metaphor as I call it: Read Half Free/Try-Buy. Over a million words available for you to read free. If you like one, buy the whole book for the price of a cup of coffee (the read-a-latte principle). A coffee is gone in minutes, but you can savor a book for many hours.

SMALL PRESS PUBLISHER (CLOCKTOWER BOOKS) Visit my San Diego based publishing imprint (currently closed to submissions, sorry).

PIONEERS ONLINE SINCE 1996 (CLOCKTOWER BOOKS MUSEUM) Track our history starting with the first history-making websites in 1996. Among other things, I wrote and we published the world's first HTML novels as I call them. Read the info & enjoy.

GALLEY CITY METRO (HOP ON THE METAPHOR) With so much info and a lot of linked websites in play, I hit upon the fun tool of creating a faux city metro system. Based at my overall San Diego Author website, it consists of a Blue Line (New City), a White Line (Old City), and a Red Line (Faubourg or Suburb).


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