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First Airport Novel is Live: You won't be able to stop reading this 500 Page Sprawling Saga. Others have tried. Your first Airport Novel is a sweeping saga about wealthy French Countess Marianne Didier's 1992 global search for her parents, lost in the fog of World War Two and the Cold War. She was adopted as an impoverished orphan of four, in 1950, from a remote, tiny frozen village on the dismal Pacific Coast of Siberia during Stalin's brutal regime.

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This long, luxurious read will remind readers of the magnificent sprawl of yarns like Boris Pasternak's *Doctor Zhivago* or Herman Wouk's *The Winds of War* or John Dos Passos' *USA Trilogy.*

Marianne's adoptive parents, a Parisian couple of wealth and title, raised her in France with the finest schools and culture money could buy. Yet, always in the back of her mind, she was conscious of her lost parents. Her father, a young U.S. Naval Intelligence officer in 1945 San Francisco, had helped foil a Stalinist KGB plot to steal an atomic bomb off the dock as it was headed to Tinian for the drop on Japan. Her mother was one of several (not clear which) exotic women orbiting Lt. Cdr. Tim Nordall: including a U.S. Army Air Corps WAAF pilot, a Middle Eastern woman involved in the bureaucracy of establishing the United Nations in San Francisco that year, and an even more enigmatic, beautiful Polish spy named Anna Stokowska.

Spans half the world and half a century through World War Two and the Cold War. Marianne is in her early 40s as the Soviet Union collapses in 1991, when the frame of this novel (series) opens with her sentimental and deadly dangerous search for her loved ones. Among the figures she encounters are Jaguar, a Soviet era spy for Stalin, whose mission was to kill Tim Nordall; and now he wants to help her; a British spy master in Canterbury; and other historic figures. While Marianne's search frames the story, the core concerns Lt. Tim Nordall's dangerous, often deadly adventures during World War Two. That inner core saga includes his shipwreck off Africa, capture as a slave in Mali, escape with two Nazi deserters who fly him to the uranium fields in the Belgian Congo, and many more adventures in a complex global network of espionage. Walk-ons include Winston Churchill, Richard Nixon as a young U.S. Navy officer, a future CIA director, and many other historic figures. We also spend a few chapters in U-234 (true story), the last Nazi submarine to flee Hitler's collapsing Third Reich with a gift of radioactive material and modern jet airplane parts, heading to Japan to enable the Empire to atom-bomb U.S. cities.

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