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Welcome to John T. Cullen's webplex. I am a San Diego author, and I want to introduce you to both my city and my writings. I have been a professional author of fiction and nonfiction for many decades. In that time, I have written several dozen books, including several works of nonfiction—where my biggest passion is History, followed by sciences, current events, and a lot of other topics. In fiction, I like to say that I write SF (Subversive Fiction)—in the more commonly known industrial categories of Mainstream, Suspense, and DarkSF (Science Fition, Science Horror). You can learn more about me and my work at the Clocktower Books Museum pages and other areas online including the San Diegoer website (launched Christmas 2014).


Amazing San Diego/Coronado Story: 1892 True Crime/Famous Ghost. Now two books in one volume: nonfiction Dead Move: Kate Morgan and the Haunting Mystery of Coronado; plus a fictional dramatization closely based on historical fact, Lethal Journey. John is the first person to solve the notorious 1892 true crime at the Hotel del Coronado near San Diego. It was a national sensation in its day, and will be once again as the truth is understood. It's not just a local story, but one with national and global implications—a part of world and U.S. history, besides being one of San Diego's most fascinating and important stories. For more info, click the link above.

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A San Diego Author with European and New England Roots.—John T. Cullen, B.A., B.B.A., M.S., is a seasoned professional, and devoted to writing (as an experienced author, publisher, and editor). He brings you books solidly framed with art, passion, and critical thinking—whether it is a romantic and thrilling novel, or a solidly researched historical nonfiction book. He is the publisher of Clocktower Books, which he co-founded in 1996. More info on all this at the Clocktower Books website


What really happened to the missing Malaysian airliner, Flight MH370? The author has written a delicious thriller that also works as a thought experiment. What if the plane did not fall into the sea? What if terrorists hijacked it, are now weaponizing it, and will soon unleash the most horrific attack since 9/11? Join us in thinking through the possibilities in hope of averting a catastrophe. The author is a military veteran and scholar—no crackpot ideas, just terrifying calculations you won't want to miss. Click Here for more info about this book on the Clocktower Books website.

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Vanished Flight 777—Military Thriller & Mind-Blowing Thought Experiment based on true story of Missing Flight MH370

Vanished Flight 777—by John T. Cullen (Clocktower Books, 5 June 2014) available now in print and e-book editions). Aviation's #1 Mystery: What happened to vanished Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370? What if it didn't fall into the Indian Ocean, but was hijacked, is being weaponized, and will be used soon in a spectacular 9/11 style attack—St. Peter's Basilica in Rome? St. Paul's in London? Westminster? Hagia Sofia? Read the novel for another horrific option. Four pages of interesting and important info inside

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