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Jean-Thomas Cullen—Poetry plus Sentimental Romantic Fiction

John T. Cullen—On Thriller Street plus The Reading Room (Nonfiction)

John Argo—DarkSF, Empire of Time SF, Suspense Fiction, Dark Fantasy


Welcome to John T. Cullen's personal author webplex, live since 1996. You can learn all about my history as an Internet author and publisher (since 1996) at the Clocktower Books Museum pages. The main Clocktower Books publisher site is at Clocktower Books, one of the world's oldest e-book publishers. We published the world's first professional, web-only magazine of speculative fiction starting 1998 and running for eight years. More info at Museum.


Coronado Mystery - three books by John T. Cullen

Finally Solved After More Than 120 Years: San Diego/Coronado: 1892 True Crime Story/Famous Ghost Legend. Now two books in one volume: nonfiction Dead Move: Kate Morgan and the Haunting Mystery of Coronado; plus a fictional dramatization closely based on historical fact, Lethal Journey.

Somebody's Got To Info-Dump on Trump: RESIST

New: Brexit-Brainxit

Explanation Nation: Essay, Satire, News

Explanation Nation Shortcut: EX-NAX

Publisher of Clocktower Books & Author

A San Diego Author with European and New England Roots: Jean-Thomas Cullen, B.A., B.B.A., M.S. is a seasoned professional, passionately devoted to all things literary. An experienced author, publisher, and editor, he writes books solidly grounded in art, passion, and critical thinking—be it a romantic and thrilling novel, or solidly researched historical nonfiction. He co-founded Clocktower Books in 1996. He publishes under his real name plus pen names John Argo and John T. Cullen. See About page for more info.



First Brexit, and now Brainxit. The strangest chapter in U.S. (and perhaps world) history unfolds in early 2017 as the Orange Mullet (a malignant narcissist, unfit for office, barely qualifying as human) sits at the nuclear trigger. It's like having a deranged toddler at the controls of a jumbo jet with billions of passengers on board. My prediction is that the corporate-republicans will remove him as soon as his usefulness is over (soon). I can tell you the moment when that will happen, and the impeachment begins (hint: Scalia II). Among the dedicated sites at the unterplex, I'll go deepest at Explanation Nation. That site is in development, like all else.

We need to really come up with answers about all this, and I think I can provide them. Of course, I sound like the Donald. But I'm a hep cat and he's not, no matter what he claims. Let's try to keep our sense of humor (at least, biting satire), take off our mullets that interfere with rational thought, and put on our thinking caps. Visit my unterplex at and start the marbles clicking. What's the wursht that could happen? Like the Orange Mullet, I could be wrong. No nuclear bombs raining on the Vatican or on Cincinnati if someone offends him. Unlike the Mullet, I am probably right. It's worth a gander. Come on over.

MH370: Final Chapter Not Yet Written (But Read My Book). In March 2014, Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 vanished without a trace, creating the biggest mystery in modern aviation history. Looking at the available information, I published a comprehensive analysis of three major likely outcomes in June 2014. For the full story, please visit my special website about the MH370 mystery (Africa Gambit).

Other Updates Soon on My Many Projects. I'm constantly publishing new books, including revised editions of published works (fiction as well as nonfiction). Please stay tuned, and thank you.