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John T. Cullen: A Young New England Poet Teen & Y.A.

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Click for contents page - Teen and Young Adult published poet by age 18 - nearly 500 poems created in all

Summary: Nearly 500 Poems. The book cover at right is on the latest edition of my most extensive collection, with most written in high school, in college, during my starving artist period (three years after college), and during my U.S. Army service (stationed in West Germany 5 yrs). I finished my first full novel at 19 (*Summer Planets* SF Novel), and had about ten novels completed by the time I wrapped up my career as a lyric poet (two decades by age 27) and turned entirely to prose (fiction and nonfiction). In my late teens I spent three years on *The New Haven Journal-Courier* as a summer interne college student reporter, which made me a professional journalist and nicely complemented my academic background (B.A. Liberal Arts, B.B.A. Computer Information Systems, M.S. in Business Administration) By age 30, as I prepared to return to civilian life in San Diego, I had earned my M.S. in Business Admninistration from Boston University. Years later, I was able to channel all of that background into small press publishing ventures.

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