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John T. Cullen: A Young New England Poet Teen & Y.A.

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under construction - more info soon John T. Cullen Nonfiction Pages: Welcome. This section is new and heavily under construction. Thanks for your patience. More info soon. Image at left: John T. Cullen touring the world (somewhere: Eiffel Tower? Empire State Bldg? Who knows. All in good fun). To return to this site index page, click the red box below.

back to my main John T. Cullen COM page Top Highlights. My professional background is at once in academia (BA; BBA; MSBA Boston University), plus journalism (news gathering/reporting), and industry (technical writer/editor/analyst). I have been a small press/online publisher for over a quarter century (since 1996).

Stance. I am a cautious, logical, truthful analyst of historical or other intellectual topics that interest me. Good example is the 1892 true crime and famous ghost legend at the Hotel Del Coronado near San Diego. It was a national sensation when the Beautiful Stranger met her mysterious, tragic, and violent death (age 24). My interest lay in the true crime, not the ghost fable, but as a reporter you have to cover both. I unraveled the most plausible solution to the 125+ year old cold case in my scholarly nonfiction book *Dead Move.* I followed that up, at the suggestion of a Coronado acquaintance, with a noir period thriller *Lethal Journey.* My position is: if you believe in ghosts, then *Dead Move* reveals how Lizzie Wyllie (not Kate Morgan) became one. If you don't believe or don't care about ghosts, then it's still a rousing true crime investigation.

Background. Fifty+ years professional working experience. Degrees include BA English University of Connecticut; BBA Computer Information Systems National University; and MS in Business Administration, Boston University (latter earned while serving honorably five years U.S. Army in Cold War Germany). After retirement, worked three years part-time as a shuttle chauffeur at the Hotel Del; have lived in San Diego nearly half century. More info soon.

ancient mystery palindrome deciphered at last by John T. Cullen

a new Theory of Everything - accelerating expansion due to gravitation of larger surrounding motherverse, and more!

solved at last: notorious 1892 true crime at the Hotel Del Coronado near San Diego, and resulting famous ghost legend

new theory about why Leonardo Da Vinci obsessively kept working without pay on the Mona Lisa, world's most famous painting


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