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click to start reading click to start reading World's First HTML* Novel (1996) Young female DEA Special Agent Laurel 'Blue' Humboldt in deadly coast-to-coast battle of guns, wits, and razor blades with a major drug ring while she sorts out the questions in her love life in her steamy bi-love dilemma between handsome San Diego millionaire John Connor and ravishing Detective Martha Yee. This was/is the world's first HTML novel, first published online in 1996; historical info at the Clocktower Books Museum Site.

*Criteria For Claim: (1) Proprietary, written and owned by author, not public domain; (2) published online in HTML format to be read entirely online, not on portable media (floppies, tape, CD, etc.); (3) To read entirely online, not teaser or intro chapter; (4) innovative weekly serial chapters, releasing one each Sunday afternoon San Diego CA PST time. We made history (C&C Publishers, Clocktower Books).

click to start reading click to start reading Reads Like A Classic 1980s Noir Movie. Riveting psycho suspense thriller as brilliant computer geek female takes a break and rediscovers her love life—with absolutely the last guy on earth. Run while you can! Does she listen? No… reads like one of those incomparable 1980s/90s suspense movies in the tradition of Sea of Love, Blink, and Shattered.

click to start reading click to start reading 1892 True Crime/Famous Ghost Legend 1982 historical thriller closely based on my detailed historical analysis (book title: Dead Move) of the notorious 1892 true crime that became an instant national sensation. The Beautiful Stranger's mysterious, violent death lives on in the famous ghost legend of Room 3327 at the world-famous Hotel del Coroando near sunny San Diego. NOTE: At Galley City, there is also general info for my Coronado books including Lethal Journey. Or: find complete info (three sub-sites) for my Coronado books under Coronado Mystery.

click to start reading click to start reading Based On A True Story (F117-A). Have Blue was the actual U.S. Government code name of the top secret F117-A development project in 1970s Burbank, California at the Lockheed Skunk Works. my novel is a techno-romantic thriller, fiction wrapped around key history, to be enjoyed but not taken literally. More to the point: the protagonist is pure fiction, as are most of the other characters. The project itself is true history, which I distilled from nonfiction sources. The underlying science and math are real. The rest is dramatic fun.


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