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Sator Enigma (2000+ year ancient Roman mystery solved at last)


Teen & 20s Poet Nearly 500 poems gathered in one volume. Published poet by age 18. More info at the website (in work). JTC


Lethal Journey A new introduction to my bestselling trio about the 1892 true crime and famous ghost legend at the Hotel del Coronado near San Diego (finally solved in my 2008 analysis). Trio consists of two books in one: Coronado Mystery, a duet containing Dead Move (nonfiction, scholarly analysis) + Lethal Journey (noir gaslamp era novel, fiction, closely based on *Dead Move* but with added suspense based on the famous legends surrounding the 1892 true crime that fascinated the entire nation.

Historical Novels Visit the dedicated site on my webplex describing the historical novels I have written. See the *About* page for info about HEA in all of my 40+ novels, plus other items of interest about my writing.

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Washington Under Siege   CON2: The Generals of October, or Autumn of the Republic  ; a Constitution Thriller— Written 30 years before 6Jan2021, yet anticipates the worst possibilities as the U.S. falls ever deeper into the clutches of near-future maga-psychopaths who will stop at nothing to spread outrageous lies, destroy millions of lives, steal billions of dollars, and leave a legacy of destruction from horizon to horizon. Oligarch-led magahattery is not the end but a dark beginning. We must read, think, save democracy. What will the manipulators try next? Manipulating whom (?): "the Simple People" identified some 3,000 years ago in Solomon's Proverbs 1:1. They are willing to be led to whatever hell their demagogue leader decides, and thus bring down nations, like the modern archetypal Nazi followers in Hitler's Germany of the 1930s/40s. Not that Hitler's crowd were the first, nor the last. Julius Caesar incited mobs and had much to do with the final collapse of the Roman republic. We see them all around the world today. History is replete with their demagogue führer types, including Napoleon I, Napoleon III, Kaiser Wilhelm II, and Mussolini (il duce). Putin is the most visible of many such creatures operating in today's increasingly fractious world. For the USA, a truly horrifying possibility would be letting a Second Constitutional Convention (CON2) sneak up on us, manipulated by the typical wrong-wing fakes and sociopaths, malignant narcissists, making noise in the media. We must be ready for that nightmare, which is manipulated in my novel by a fake populist party, the MCP (Middle Class Party, oh yeah really?). This novel thinks it all the way through, first ever to do so. Bottom line: CON2 must NEVER happen. Read and see why.


Luxembourg, European Union, United States

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