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Welcome To Caffeine Books

welcome - you are here on the index page of Caffeine Books by John T. Cullen

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read glorious record of accomplishment over many years as acclaimed pioneer HTML author & publisher

I was a prolific author as a teen and in my twenties - this section alone will take time to build

click to visit On Thriller Street -my suspense/thriller/mystery/historical fiction

I completed the first Empire of Time novel at age 19 - still working on the series in my 70s

the rest of my SFFH - DarkSF is not gory, juvenile, or slasher but artistic, atmospheric, poetic - the dark chocolate, best of the genre subcat

I'm mainly a novelist & poet but have written a fair number of shorts - mostly SFFH

The BRAN (Big Romantic Adventure Novel) incorporates the love story far beyond RWA with the finest global suspense of thrillers and historical fiction

Ray Bradbury in January 2008 sent the author a personal rave for The Christmas Clock

I have added some important nonfiction books to read free at Galley City; click for more info

a growing page of background info to help readers understand my writing

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John T. Cullen: Active Member International Thriller Writers since 2008

John T. Cullen is an Active Member International Thriller Writers since 2008

Clocktower Books: recognized ITW publisher since 2008

Ray Bradbury Said So About The Christmas Clock, But This True Story Says It Best

Author John T. Cullen. Welcome to my bookshop Caffeine Books, opened April 2020 (the Vision Year), primarily dedicated to my fiction (about 40 of my approx. 50 books). Thanks for your patience as I build this new site. Thanks [JTC]

Navigation & Flow. The two key sites (in my overall webplex) are Caffeine Books and Galley City. You can enter on either site. If you enter on Caffeine Books, you'll see my 50 or so titles described, with links to the 'read half free' (Bookstore Metaphor) at Galley City. More info click eyeglasses.


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