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Political Thriller - Dire Warning - CON2=Second Constitutional Convention Article V - must never happen

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read glorious record of accomplishment over many years as acclaimed pioneer HTML author & publisher

By John T. Cullen: Suspense Thriller Fiction


Danger: USA Second Constitutional Convention (CON2)

CON2 The Generals of October inspired by Seven Days in May and other classic political thrillers

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Historical Thriller

1892 Coronado True Crime/Famous Ghost Legend 3 Books

2 in 1: Dead Move + Lethal Journey

nonfiction scholarly true history-based analysis of 1892 true crime in Coronado near San Diego

noir gaslamp period (dramatizated) thriller closely based on true history analysis in Dead Move

Suspense Thrillers

And then we have some fun good old noir sunshine…

inspired by classic noir suspense movies like Blink, The Last Seduction, Sea of Love, and more...

world's first HTML novel published online in 1996 - alternate title Girl, Unlocked - global best seller on the early Web


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